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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Funny Experiences of Growing Up Russian in America

1. Having so much food on the table at every single party that it can last for weeks when the party ends.
1 Russian Food Zakuski on Table
2. Running out of sunflower seeds is a crisis!!!
2 Russian Sunflower Seeds Babushka
3. When you get sunburned your mother tells you to put sour cream on it.
3 Sunburned Sour Cream
4. At one point in your life, you had a carpet hanging on your wall.
4 Russian Rug on Wall
5. Your mom will tell you to lose weight, and 5 minutes later ask you why you are not eating her pierogi’s.
5 Russian Pierogi
6. There is no right time to eat or drink anything cold. You’re either sick, were just sick, or will get sick.
6 Russian Drinking Cold Beer
7. There is a clear distinction between “home clothing” and “outdoor clothing”.
Russian Sitting in Bedroom
8. Your mom insists you clean your room before the cleaning lady comes “shtobi nye bilo stidno” (So it won’t be embarrassing)
9 cleaning lady from family guy meme
9. You spent elementary and middle school wanting PB&J and Fruit Roll-ups for lunch instead of your meatball wrapped in rye. Now you can’t stop dreaming of mama’s said meatball wrapped in rye.
10. Every single event in your life is somehow indicative of whether or not you will get married.
10 Russian Wedding
11. When you invite a friend to your house, and your mother begins feeding them, you know she approves… but if no food was offered, you know not to bring them back…
Russian Mom Serving Food
12. When your grandma calls you and tells you that she saw a report on TV about there being viruses on the internet and tells you not to use the internet under any circumstances!
12 Internet Grandma
13. When your parents force feed your american friends even though they said they’re full…
13 Forced Feeding
14. When your father’s broken English, asks for the “Hostage” instead of the “Hostess” at the restaurant.
Bad English Meme
15. Your mom will never throw away old clothes because they make good rags.
Nice Shirts Rags
16. If you could only explain to your American friends the connection between whistling and wealth
Russian Girl Whistling
17. The only “tupperware” in your house is old sour cream containers.
17 Russian Tupperware
18. If you’re a girl and your American boyfriend visits, your papa immediately takes off his tapochki (house slippers) and gives them to him. Your mama is hustling to find more tapochki (house slippers) around the house so everyone’s feet are covered.
Russian Slippers
19. When you don’t finish your grandmother’s seven course meal including salads, potatoes, fish, meat, soup, more meat, and finally desert, it means you don’t love her.
Soviet Food
20. Explaining to your American friends that your family is neither yelling or fighting, just talking to each other.

From http://www.classybro.com 
We have our own experiences about that: 

Школьник о жизни в русской семье в США

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