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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playing Russian Billiard with American Balls (Russian balls are bigger than American!)....

I recorded that in my local pool bar - Sharky's. We play Russian Pyramid on American pool table with American (smaller than Russian) balls - FAN!!!  (Recoded on my Android)
Billiards appeared in Russia almost 300 years ago, when Tsar Peter the Great imported it from Europe.

From the outset, the Russians turned it into a whole new ball game. Russian billiards, or as it is often called, the Russian Pyramid, is played with 15 white and one red cue ball. The first player to pocket any eight balls wins.

It may look easy enough, but the table and the balls are bigger than in Western pool, while the pockets are only several millimeters larger than the balls. This makes the game especially challenging, requiring outstanding precision.

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