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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Carousel voting - карусель - karusel

Carousel voting came to US!!!!

See Another Day in Court for Brooklyn’s Florida

Фидлер-Сторобин. Пересчет бюллетеней продолжается в суде

From Wikipedia:

Carousel voting is a method of vote rigging in elections, used particularly in Russia, and alluding to fairground ride carousels. Usually it involves "busloads of voters [being] driven around to cast ballots multiple times".[1] In Russian, the term is (избирательная) карусель[2](transliterated - "izbiratel'naja karusel'", meaning "voting carousel"), referring to the circular movement made by the voters, from one polling station to the next, and so on.
According to critics, the activity has been allegedly used in Russia since Putin came to power in 2000

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