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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Holy Days

Friends and Fams,

As I pause to reflect, on this SuperBowl Sunday, I am again struck by the rampant commercialism that has invaded this, as well as the lesser American holidays (Spring Break, the Saints' days [Patrick, Valentine, and Cinco De Mayo], Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, ...).

This should be a day to contemplate the various Miracles in the Meadowlands, the Furor in Foxboro, the decline and redemption of the Giant team, the Patriot-ism of the Patriots, the Meaning of Manning, the Bunching of Brady, etc.

It is sad indeed to have the underlying Reason for the Season, the Ultimate and Final Professional National Football League Game (until pre-season in 6 months), overshadowed by every magazine's "truly greatest" SuperBowl Recipe, every SuperStore's SuperSale on TVs much bigger than yours, every pizza chain's best, last and final offer.

I hope that you, like me, will be able to put aside these petty marketeering / social-engineering distractions, and concentrate on the true meaning of . . . The Game.
Yours in reverence,


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