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Monday, October 19, 2009

Russian US Immigrant Neologisms

From my son:

- He used the verb "bark" for Russian phrase: Собака баркнула (Dog barked)
- He used the English word order in Russian questions: Чем говорите об? (What are you talking about?)

From Tаmara:
- Приятно видеть вaшу семью в одном ПИСЕ (It's a pleasuer to see your femaly in one PIECE.)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Russian-English Words Similarities

Sister, brother, mother, dad, son - сестра, брат, мать, дед, сын
Sun, water, ocean, hill, ground, stream   - СОлНце. вода, океан, холм, грунт, стремиться
Is,be,been - ЕСть, БЫть, был
Dom, stall, stool - дом, стол, стул
Rob,grab – гРАБить
Weight, weigh - ВЕс, ВЕсить
Null -НОЛь
That, it; them – эТОТ, ЭТо; иМ
Left - ЛЕВо
Crash, crush  - КРУШить, КРУШение; КРОШить.
Nasty (weather) - неНАСТье
Nose, brow -нос, бровь
Cat, cow, goose, bull, wolf, tiger, mouse     - KOT, KOPOBA, ГУСь, бык, волк, ТИГР, мышь
UnderNEATH - под НИЗ
Dream - дремать
sugar, milk - Сахар, молоко
Float - Плот, Флот
Duh, not -да, нет
Sod -  Сaд,Сaдить
Cold - холод

Child - чадо

Not so sure list:
Capital - копить
Click - кликнуть, оклик
Bottle - бутылка
debt - долг

Battle - баталия

inCLUde - вКЛЮччить

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ruglish - Рунглийский язык

Since 1999 I have to use English a lot as I immigrated to US. But my native language is Russian.

I like to speak about English. For instance, to be less scared of English I constantly seek for some similarity between English and Russian, e.g. sister - сестра; son = сын... I will put more examples later.

First of all, let's take a look at the definition from Wikipedia:     Ruglish :

Runglish, Ruglish or Russlish (Russian: Рунглийский язык), is a neologism increasingly used to denote at least three different interferences of Russian and English languages: pidgin, spoken manner, and informal latinizations of the Cyrillic alphabet.

Here is another one from URBAN dictionary:  Ruglish :

When Russian immigrants speak a mix of Russian in English making no conversation understandable to a pure russian or an American.
   Nu, hows Jobota
  Dude I'm american If you want to ask me how my job is stop speaking ruglish

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